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New Zealand



VERUS- Stajerska


Mclaren Vale

New Zealand

The Ned

Cider & Specialty
Le Brun Cider | Brittany, France
Mayador Sidre | Basque, Spain
Alter Ego Cider | Oregon

Pamp Fizz | Grapefruit Rosě, France

Domaines des Cognettes

Clisson | France

Visiting Clission was a highlight of 2015, as was tasting through wonderful Amphora fermented Muscadet at Domaines de Cognettes. Vincent et Stéphane Perraud are part of the select few (less than 2%) of Muscadet producers who hand harvest and grow organically. Learn more about their biodynamic operations here.

Bedrock Wine Co.

Sonoma | California

Bedrock Wine Co. was founded in 2007 by Morgan Twain-Peterson in a 550 square-foot, former chicken coop with 8 foot ceilings and no fermentation space. After six years of Bedrock being a one-man-show, Morgan was able to talk his best friend, Chris Cottrell, into moving to California from New York to join him. They now happily have a little more space to move around in but share the same objectives that guided the winery at the start.

Bedrock Wine Co.

Sonoma | California

“By using incredible sites and maintaining impeccable farming throughout the growing season I can do the bare minimum in the winery. By bare minimum I mean handling fruit gently, in many cases using whole-clusters, and fermenting exclusively with the microflora that comes in with the grapes or is already present in the winery. I use a little new, excellent, French oak and rack as infrequently as possible. I strongly feel that picking the moment the flavors are there is the best way to express site. Thus, I tend to pick earlier than most. I have found that late picking generally occludes terroir but fruit from still vigorous vines brings clarity to site. ” – Bedrock Wine Co.

The Birth of a Cru

France News

In 2011 Muscadet gave birth to 3 new Crus; Le Pallet, Clisson, and Gorges.  The idea was show off upscale wines, specialized wines from a region that is largely known, even in France, for its everyday value wines.   So where have these wines been hiding?  And what makes them special?

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