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Wine Sales Rep – On & Off Prem

Wine Sales Rep – On & Off Prem

We’re looking for candidates with strong knowledge of wines from around the world, as well as excellent organizational and sales skills, and ideally prior experience as a wine sales rep for a distributor…

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  • 📻TUNE IN! @annettecpeters will be live this morning on @wccoradio talking #winetariffs with @dearlydara - tune in at 11:40 (link in profile)

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  • Today, Annette provided a voice for small domestic businesses specializing in wine importing and distribution. In her testimony to the US Trade Register, she emphasized the punitive nature of these tariffs to America’s more than 1,100 small wine wholesalers supporting 80,000 jobs nationwide. 
The hearing roster consisted of testimony from 38 representatives ranging from consumer goods like cookware and clothing/accessories to wine and specialty food imports.

22 of the testimonies on the schedule were from the wine industry, reinforcing the huge threat this poses. “It’s not competitive disadvantage, it’s survival,” testified Richard Blau of @sokolinwines 
These tariffs are “the greatest threat since prohibition,” emphasized Benjamin Aneff of @tribecawine. 
David Waldenberg of BNP Distributing calculated the punitive detrimental impact to US businesses, employees and consumers to be 25.2 billion dollars. 
Closing the conversation was Phillip Burkhart of Latitude Wines pointing out that this isn’t “about whether American’s should have to pay more for imported wines, it is whether small American companies should be forced to pay the ultimate price of a trade war, our ability to survive.” 🌧❄️Today’s testimony was cut short for a weather alert (for 1” of snow possible in the DC area), but will continue again tomorrow morning. 
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