Sallier de La Tour

Sicily, Italy

The Sallier de la Tour label was first produced in 2000, but the vineyard is in its eighth-generation.  Located in the Monreale DOC just East of Palermo in Sicily, Sallier de la tour is named for the Sallier de La Tour Principi di Camporeale family from Piedmont who have owned the estate since the 19th century.

The soils of their vineyards are rich in limestone, clay and sand, well-drained and have established a reputation for modern viticultural practices, having implemented SOStain since 2010, a program aimed at measuring and reducing company’s impact on area resources.

Current Selections

Sallier de La Tour, Sicilia Syrah Madamarosé

Sallier de La Tour, Nero d’Avola

Sallier de La Tour, Sicilia Grillo

Sallier de La Tour, Sicilia Inzolia

Sallier de La Tour, Sicilia Syrah

Sallier de La Tour, Monreale Syrah La Monaca