Hi, We’re Bourget Imports!

Importer and distributor of products from families, not factories

Established in 2004 as Minnesota’s leading distributor of premium beverages, our unparalleled customer service, extensive knowledge of our producers and products and employee commitment to wine & spirits as a lifestyle are all reflective of the extraordinary experience you’ll have working with Bourget Imports.

The importing arm of our company, Domaines & Appellations Wine Imports (D&A,) is curated by Annette Peters, owner of D&A and managing partner of Bourget Imports. In addition to D&A’s portfolio, Bourget Imports also carries portfolios such as Aviva Vino, Artisan Collection, Thomas Calder, Winesellers, Hand Picked Selections, Banville, Daniel Hubbard for MS Walker, Vinovia, Maison Sichel, Jessie Becker MS for Veritable, and Kindred Vines.

We look forward to sharing our passion and commitment to service with you!