France | Bordeaux

Exem Bordeaux is 100% estate produced in Lestiac-sur-Garonne, little village 15km South East from Bordeaux along the right bank of the Garonne river, by the Gonfrier family.

Nowadays, Eric Gonfrier and his brother Philippe are running this 400ha large private estate, but the story of the family began in the sixties. Gonfrier family has lived in Algeria from the 19th century until the independence in 1962. Eric’s father was a wine grower there, and had developed at that time a very big Domaine. In 1962, he was forced to come back to France and he lost everything his family had built over the years in Northern Africa. But despite this, and with a tremendous energy that characterize that family, he bought a little Domaine in Lestiac-sur-Garonne, and start a new story. He has been growing apples and vineyards until his two sons took over. By passion, the two bros decided to develop vineyards exclusively, and have succeeded incredibly well.