Weingut Lagler

Austria – Niederosterreich – Wachau

Located in a Unesco World Heritage area

The Lagler family has lived on this beautiful estate in the Rote Tor Gasse since 1789. But it was only in the late 1970s that the Laglers stopped restricting their activities to grape-growing, and began working their fruit into wine instead of selling it off—almost from the start, Karl Lagler began producing top class, fruit-driven wines from his vineyards, situated in the finest sites that the western Wachau town of Spitz has to offer: Steinborz, Tausendeimerberg and Burgberg, where old vines are tended with natural farming techniques and other measures focused upon quality and sustainability, yielding excellent results. All of Lagler’s work in the vineyard, including the harvest, is done by hand. Today the Laglers are known as one of the most charismatic families in the Wachau, and their wines command respect at the finest restaurants worldwide.