Mont Gravet

France | Côtes de Gascogne

Mont Gravet wines are sourced from top vineyards and artisanal winemakers in both Gascony and the Languedoc region of South West France and represent incredible “wine values”.

Mont Gravet comes from vineyards located in the Gascony region, near the city of Toulouse in the South West of France. The climate combines the Oceanic and Mediterranean influences, which brings enough sun and humidity to grow rich, concentrated and ripe grapes. Close to the producers, and in order to source the best vineyards, our winemaker has found some amazing “terroirs” spread on hills. These hills are called “Mont” in French. So as a tribute to the terroir from where the wine comes from we have named in Mont Gravet, “Gravet” being the name of an oval shaped rock commonly found in the area.