Benoit Déhu

France | Champagne | Vallée de la Marne, Fossoy

Well down the Marne River valley to the west of the Champagne towns of Epernay and Reims, lies the sleepy hameau of Fossoy, is like a trip back in time— a mill, tiny greenery lined routes, flanked by water with swans and ducks.  The family has been here for 8 generations. Today, Benoit is making his own mark with Champagne that is uniquely reflective of his village. A tiny 1.7 ha parcel was split off for his Rue des Noyers project. The minuscule amount of wine from his legacy family vineyard is farmed with biodynamic principles, and lives its life in a stone building that came from his lands, barrels made from his own oaks, basically the wine lives in its own terroir incubator until it is ready to leave.