France | Champagne | Montage de Reims | Ambonnay

The domaine was founded in 1875 and Benoit Marguet, representing the 5th generation, took over in 2005 at the age of 26.

In 2009 he began working some of the vineyards organically and by 2011 the entire domaine was in organic viticulture. All the soils are worked with horses, Benoit applies biodynamic principles as much as possible, and the wines fermented in barrel from 6 different tonneliers.

Of the 10ha of vineyards, 8ha are in Ambonnay and the rest in Bouzy and Mailly. Lots of density and presence in the wines, and starting to get great press an attention around the world.

John Gilman, “View from the Cellar” wrote in 2014, “the new releases here must begin to be ranked right up at the pinnacle of Grower-Recoltant bottlings and this is now one of the most exciting addresses in all of Champagne!…this is clearly one of the rising superstar growers in all of Champagne these days.” Peter Liem observed, “Marguet is on his way to becoming one of the finest producers in the Montagne de Reims.”