Maggie’s Farm Rum & Falernum

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Possibly America’s Most Awarded Rum

Allegheny Distilling was founded in 2013 in the historic Strip District of Pittsburgh making Maggie’s Farm Rum, the first commercially-available Pennsylvania-made craft rum since Prohibition. Maggie’s Farm is more about what it isn’t, a corporate entity with marketing gimmicks and slogans. Maggie’s Farm is a truly independent craft distillery founded without any outside funding.

Maggie’s Farm has grown into a nationally-distributed brand with availability in 12 states and world-wide recognition with some of the highest awards from some of the largest national and international spirits competitions.

Maggie’s Farm Rum Highlights

  • Distilled from Louisiana turbinado, a raw cane, rather than molasses, and pot-distilled for body and flavor on 100% copper Spanish-made stills.
  • Fermented using Caribbean-derived yeasts with longer fermentation times for higher ester production. Even white rums are lightly rested 3-6 months in stainless.
  • All are bottled with no sugar additions for a naturally dry product.
  • All of our flavored liqueurs are produced with 100% all-natural ingredients & no artificial flavor.