Old Mexico Tequila 

Mexico – Jalisco

Double distilled premium tequila

Old Mexico is an artisanal, small batch Tequila, crafted with the highest percentage of 100% Blue Weber Agave.

The ripe Blue Agave picked at the peak of maturity from the fields of Jalisco, Mexico. The most flavorful part of the Agave – the piña – is slow cooked for several days in traditional Brick and Stone Ovens. The juice is then slowly extracted from the cooked Agave using traditional Molino mills.

The agave is then mixed with a small amount of pure cane sugar and
slow fermentation for up to 48 hours takes place in traditional open tanks. The fermented juice is distilled twice in single batches using traditional copper pot stills.

Careful attention to artisanal, traditional slow production methods results in an exceptional Tequila in both quality and taste, making it the optimal choice for your next margarita.