Foletto Heritage 

Italy – Alto Adige

All herbs – no extracts.

Foletto’s story began in 1850, when its founder Giovanni began production in Ledro, a small valley in the heart of the Alps. Now in its fifth generation of apothecary pharmacists, the company continues to produce syrups and spirits with botanical from the Alps and Lake Garda. Original pharmacy rooms and furnishings dating back over 130 years sit in the rooms above the spirit production laboratories, including: original stills, pestles, recipe books, and a herbarium created by Dr. Angelo Foletto in the 19th century containing over 2,700 botanical spices.


All Foletto spirits take this “HERITAGE” inspiration of passion & perseverance to produce artisanal products according to ancient recipes and indigenous medicinal botanicals from the Ledro region. All herbs, no extracts