Sonoma, California

rom Scott and Jenny Schultz , Jolie-Laide is a small art house winery based out of Sonoma County, California. The name Jolie-Laide (pronounced “led”) translates loosely to “pretty-ugly”, a French term of endearment to describe something that is unconventionally beautiful. ­­­­­

Scott and Jenny both amassed years of critical working experience at many reputable wineries both in California and internationally and parlayed their expertise into their own project in 2010. The duo are co-owners, operators and co-winemakers and together do all things Jolie-Laide. 

Considered avant garde for challenging the status quo of what California wine is known for. Respected as the vanguard of the “New California”- a movement to bring a more European sensibility of natural winemaking and championing unique yet classic varieties that are relatively unknown here in the United States.  

Their winemaking ethos is simple: low intervention and naturally minded. Grapes are left whole cluster, foot crushed, and aged in neutral oak. Fruit is generally harvested early by California standards, preserving natural acidity, keeping the wines bright and fresh and in turn benefiting from lower alcohol levels. All ferments are done with native yeasts, for both primary and secondary fermentations (no inoculation), and the musts tend to be low pH/high acid, creating a healthier environment and allowing for lower added SO2 in finished wines for stability. 

It is their unique ability to seek out spectacular vineyards- triangulating cooler sites, compelling soils, and working with pioneering growers with whom they partner to diversify the viticulture landscape. 

Their approach is a natural one, a less is more ethos. But their keen eye for finding great fruit from only sustainably and responsibly farmed sites, coupled with an impressive natural talent, lead to consistently delicious wines.  As Scott says, “The do-nothing approach isn’t new by any means; it’s just funny how far many have gotten away from it.”

About the Labels – the labels change every year, featuring a different artist or art collective, and are always stunning and evocative.  “Our wines are a celebration of the year and seasons in which they are made, always unique and different, no two bottlings are ever the same.”