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Bourget Imports is a specialty wine importing and distribution company featuring family growers. We strive to offer wines that deliver the highest quality possible at the greatest value. We work with a well curated selection that includes many notable wine producers from across the globe. View our Portfolio

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BEDROCK! Caretakers of California’s Heritage Vines Morgan Twain Peterson and Chris Cotrell The biggest and most important thing about both these guys is that they are the custodians of several heritage vine sites in California.  They own ( such as the Bedrock... read more

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The Birth of the Muscadet Cru

The Birth of the Muscadet Cru

In 2011 Muscadet gave birth to 3 new Crus: Le Pallet, Clisson, and Gorges.  The idea was show off upscale wines, specialized wines from a region that is largely known, even in France, for its everyday value wines.   So where have these wines been hiding?  And what... read more

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