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Bourget Imports is a specialty wine importing and distribution company featuring family growers. We strive to offer wines that deliver the highest quality possible at the greatest value. We work with a well curated selection that includes many notable wine producers from across the globe. View our Portfolio

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  • Cheers to @lariojaaltasa for their well-deserved accolades in this year’s Top 100. An inimitable wine, from iconic producers. We are so thankful to be partners with them in MN. Felicitaciones! #Repost @lariojaaltasa ・・・
Today is a wonderful day!  2005 Gran Reserva 890 #4 spot on @WineSpectator 2018 Top 100!! 🍷🍷🍷🍷 .
  • We are so proud to represent the Bedrock wines in MN. Truly an inspiring project, born of love and passion, as all worthwhile projects must be. Thank you #bedrockwineco team, you deserve this honor, and many more. 👏🍷🎉. #Repost @bedrockmorgan
Earlier this week Wine Spectator named the wine from the 1888 plantings at my family’s vineyard the #10 wine of the year for 2018 (of 15k+ wines tasted), which I am still wrapping my head around.  What I know is that it is especially sweet because the Bedrock Heritage Wine was the wine I started the winery to make; a wine meant to focus on a genetically diverse and wonderful old vineyard, on Zinfandel, sure, but also the myriad other varieties found that make it so uniquely its own thing.  Never in a million years did we think a wine made of 27 different varieties would be placed alongside some of the greatest wines in the world (even if we felt it belonged there). I truly hope this wine continues to raise awareness of how incredible California’s ancient vineyards can be and why they are worth the extra work it takes to preserve and protect them.  On the Bedrock cork it says “It takes a village to make a wine,” and this wine would have never happened without the joyous, loving, and sometimes cacophonous group of people that shepherded this wine into existence. From my father, who has spent over four decades preaching the gospel of old vines, to Diane and Alberto at Bedrock Vineyard (who between them have over 80 years of vineyard experience), to my brother from another mother, Chris Cottrell, to our ridiculously talented winery and vineyard crew of Cody, Luke, Jake and Sarah.  Most importantly, this would not have happened without all the people who have bought, enjoyed, talked about, shared bottles, etc. of Bedrock Wine Co.. We can only make it if people buy it, so a big thanks to all of those who have enabled this project to get to where it is today!
  • #wow! Thank you for the kind words, Leslee. We ❤️ sharing awesome wines w you and yours. #Repost @amuseewine ・・・
This is my new friend, Brad (@brashhiggins) — he’s kind of the cat’s PJs 😸
From the very first time I tasted his wines, I said: I NEED to meet this dude! 
Today was the day. He was even cooler than my wine brain had conjured up👌🏻
He’s conquered a lot of amazing stuff in his career:  Midwest born, Parisian for a while, Oregonian for some time, NY Somm for some fancy peeps for a good chunk of time — now Australian winemaker/grower 🇦🇺
One: his wines are some of the freshest, most inspiring wines I’ve tasted in Australia in eons
Two: did I mention how cool he was??
Three: He’s probably gonna be the guy you’ll read about in wine textbooks regarding Australia viticulture, years from now. No joke! 🙌🏻
You should probably drink his wines! 
Coming soon to your favorite wine club @sipbetter 🍷🍷🍷
Thanks for introducing me to this rock star portfolio, @bourget_imports ❤️
#staytuned #winemaker #australiawine #nokangaroos #sipthis #southaustralia #aussiesofinstagram #certifiablydelish #brashandstitches



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